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I got MGMT to give me a MAC & this is HOW.

My first post was about how to get one. This is a follow-up, thanks bravado.

I asked for 'a few minutes to meet about my computer'

I quantified my issues.

  • slow bootup- 15 sec. - 1 minute
  • loading of pages - 5 sec - 1 minute
  • Salesloft audio quality (referenced this link: which states windows complicated coding that tends to make audio quality terrible if not programmed correctly
  • Took note of ZI disconnecting from my SF instance 2 times
  • Took note of Navigator in SL not functioning properly, not adding to saved leads list
  • compared the computer 2.3 ghz clock speed to my phones 3.1 ghz clock speed
  • compared the computer 250gb space to my phones 500 gb space
  • stated that I would be better suited to chase my accounts on my phone as per this
  • stated that if planning to ramp more SDR's needs to consider this to make his/her life easier
  • stated that 'i want to throw it out the window' & 'i'm dieing, I can't do this, I never had any of these issues at my last job on my mac'
  • stated 'if i'm expected to do great work, use these tools, get meetings I need something better' Join the Bravado War Room An exclusive Sales Community for the Best Sales Professionals.
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Macs are routinely better machines (I worked for Apple for 7 years so I'm biased.) I was once the only person in my company that wasn't an exec to have a Mac. It belonged to a client, so when that program ended, I had to give it back. 

Now I work on a Surface Book 2, and while snazzy, it's still terrible. (As in, it shouldn't take several USB-C docks to figure out how to get 2 monitors to it only has 1 USB-C port.)

Macs also cost the company less long-term. Same priced Dells and HPs are EOL'd within 2-3 years versus Apple's 3-5 (and in some cases 7) 

Real talk: The only "Compatibility" issues Macs have in the modern workplace sit between the desk and the chair in IT. 
wdym by  The only "Compatibility" issues Macs have in the modern workplace sit between the desk and the chair in IT
How do I tell my manager I need a macbook pro and not some garbage windows(and get it)
Am I being a whiny little bitch?
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[humblebrag] Who has helped their buds get hired? (i just did)
I was hired at a really good start up about 4 months ago for a SDR role that I was told I wouldn’t be in for very long. They’re gonna go public in the next year, but Zoom Info reached out to me about an Account exec position. Now I’m wondering if I should take the guaranteed route to AE or let my shares vest and get to AE at the place that took me. Usually I wouldn’t consider jumping so quickly, but AE is AE.
stay or go
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