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Is management truly a career move?

I always wondered if moving into Sales Management was really a beneficial career move? Do managers or VPs make more money than top AEs? Fire away

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Depends on your skillset.

I was at a company where I was a top AE but part of that was due to opportunity and how it was spread out.ย  I knew I couldn't continue once they hired the 5 more AE's they were looking to hire.

That said, over the long term, management was going to be a better move for me money wise.ย  Also had to take my career trajectory into consideration.
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More money than the top producer, no they shouldn't. But they make significantly more base and bonuses are usually pretty high. So when that top performer blows out a year and makes $300-400k, then makes $150-200 for a couple years, his VP was making $300 all those years. It is more balanced than the IC but I expect my reps to make more than me.ย 
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Top IC's at my org definitely can blow out VP's in a good year hands down.

That being said there's a lot of pros and cons for both.ย  As was mentioned by someone else- the consistency might be a bit in favor of management but the highs of an IC are noteable.

It all comes down to what you're interested in long term- do you like all the other aspects of building and managing teams? There's a lot of admin bs that will be put on your plate as a VP, and if you want to get into that it should be because you enjoy idea of coaching and managing people not for the more solid income and for title chasing.

I always thought I might want to get into management but after seeing what my VP deals with from his boss and CRO, I'm thinking my life looks pretty flexible and I have a lot of freedom which is really appealing right now.

No wrong answer here, just a lot to consider and what will fit your skillsets and long term goals.

Good Luck!
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Yeah I guess the silver bullet is who you report to, whether you are an IC or VP - if the situation is toxic, micromanaging and tons of unnecessary admin BS - that simply sucks no matter what role you are in. I guess I love my independence a little too much but sometimes I just fear the ageism when I have team mates that are 10-15+ years younger than me... but at the same time I love mentoring those guys and finishing at the top of leadership board and seeing the look on their face is priceless.
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I actually enjoy being in management roles, and am fairly good at it. I do hope to transition to that one day, but I still need more time in the trenches.ย 

money has never been a motivator for me, though. Well, as long as Iโ€™m above six figures anyway.ย 
Depends on your skills and do you really like managing people? It's a whole new game
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you can make money at both, so like others said take that off the table.

-as an IC you are more free and you manage your own time, business.
-as a manager you are (hopefully) a resource for others to guide and support
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I moved from AE to VP 3 years ago. The stress of managing a team of 5+ gets old after awhile. More prominent positions have been offered because of the title but ultimately I think I want to go back to IC.ย 
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