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What's been your best sandbagging method? How do you strategically skate around EOY by closing your deals, hitting P-club and setting up the next year with a low quota?

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I don’t think it’s possible to pull that off. Sandbagging for a quarter or two is one thing, but hitting presidents club and somehow getting a low quota the next year seems impossible to me.Β 

I guess you could build hidden pipeline. Put next years deals in your crm for 1/5th value and hope that yields a low quota.Β 
I've been with companies that have a few different type of quotas:Β 

1. A static SaaS subscription style quota every year so if the comp plan is rich, there's no reason you would do that because the accelerators could reduce the next year.Β 

2. More of a transactional model where they use run rate to determine the quota for the next year because there is carry-over. This is where you have to sandbag if you have already over-achieved.Β 

3. Early stage start-up where they are just figuring things out. Stay one step ahead of them here and don't show your hand

The other side of this is spiff holdouts. Many times they will put spiffs out for the next quarter or two, but not the current quarter. Why close these deals out if there is a new logo spiff happening the next quarter? Managers need to give a heads up on this in advance because it's incentive for deals that are not in progress (as an example). Thoughts?
Account Manager
This is so dependent on how your company is going to make the final call for quotas. Ours ultimately uses your baseline from the previous year, so there's no real hiding attainment.Β  That being said, we also shift accounts up market if they hit a certain threshold, and that part of your baseline moves with them. If you know where accounts are going to land, going after $$$ in accounts that move it the key over here!
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