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Tips for a newly promoted account manager?

I work in software sales. I just got promoted to Account Manager after working as an SDR/BDR for 5 months. I have about 2 years of SDR/BDR experience. What advice/expertise you can share about how to be successful as an AM?

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Congrats on the new promotion.

When you say AM, you mean AE? doing demos, and closing?

Hard to give specific advice to a broad question so here's a few things that should help you.

My advice would be to:

1. Learn your buyer persona, buying scenario (aka use-cases)
2. Use that information + discovery notes to tailor your demo
3. Never end the demo without setting up next steps
4. Record all of your demos and play it back so you can study what you did well and where you can improve (ideally you should use Gong or some solution like that).
5. Do continuous discovery throughout the call to fetch for feedback after discussing certain topics.
6. Focus on outcomes of features, not features.
7. Treat your demos like a magic show, i.e. don't make the mistake of training them (that's for your CSM dept to do).
8. Pause in between important features
9. When going over pricing, after you've discussed the plans, first 1 to talk loses.
10. Wait 3-6 seconds after discussing a particular feature - this gives your prospect time to absorb the information.
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Yes, demos and closing. But, we have Solutions Architects that do the demos because it is a very technical, niche software. I will still be in the demo and running the call.ย 

Thank you so much! Great info that I will save and reference.ย 
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Happy to provide any additional context if you need help with it - twitter is @mistamor or linkedin me up
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Pick 1-2 top performers on your team & meet with them each for 30 minutes weekly. Copy the things they do to be successful & find ways to use their tricks in your own process.ย 

Also listen to top reps when they tell you how many calls they made when they first started. It's always easy to tell who will be successful when you compare reps making 20 calls vs. 60 per day in their first few months.ย 

Finally, in those meetings with top reps, set goals with them! Come prepared each week to discuss progress on those goals. That way you have someone to hold you accountable and help you achieve them.
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