Tips for Sales Enablement/Training and Development?

I believe that sales enablement or a position that focuses on enhancing the skill, knowledge, and toolset of anyone in sales/AM/BD is more than necessary, but I want your thoughts!

What tips, comments, or requests would you give to your coach, sales enablement team, or Training and development team to help them make your sellers, business developers, and overall revenue org better? What role do you expect them to play?

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My view is understandably biased based on my experience with our Enablement team.

Our enablement team is horribly out of touch with what goes on in the field. Some of them are former reps who couldn't cut it, but the majority are career enablement folks.

I think the biggest misalignment is that they assume we don't know how to position the value of our product. On top of that, what they think the value is, is actually not the perceived value the customer gets. So what they try to enable us on is not how we need to be selling to our particular prospects.

Anybody who has successfully completed our bootcamp can do pitch our product well enough to close business. So, enablement sessions are generally repetitive, non value add, and a huge waste of time.ย 

What I would LOVE to see more of, are skill focused enablements. Bring in guest speakers to discuss negotiation tactics. Bring in experts on EQ to do sessions on how to read body language more effectively. Things like that.ย 

TL/DR - my opinion (based on my experience) - is that enablement has a misconception that all training has to be about how to pitch the product. That is the absolute last thing we want in the field, unless you are literally on day 1 (but that is what bootcamp is for!).
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Great feedback, thank you! I 100% agree with your point on sales enablement members that don't have real field experience- it's detrimental and often times holds less weight.

Thank you for sharing what you would love to see. Great insights!ย 

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