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What Was The Best Gift You Ever Received?

For my birthday my Mom (aka the ๐Ÿ) paid for me to spend a summer in Colombia during undergrad even though my father was adamant that I needed to spend that summer working an internship. Living in Colombia that summer did me more good than I could have ever anticipated. Had to talk myself out of some sticky situations (like almost getting arrested by cops for hanging around locals who were sharing their ๐Ÿwith my friend and me) and forced me to see a completely different culture. I love living in the United States, but I think American Exceptionalism can cause people to be closed-minded at times. I saw blind men playing guitar, kids selling candy, and mothers selling pencils on public transportation every day just trying to make an extra buck. Anytime I feel anxious about having to make cold calls I remind myself I could have it so much harder. Traveling is one of the greatest things you can gift someone and usually an eye-opening experience. As humans, we are hard-wired to believe the first thing we learn which often means we think the way we go about doing things is the best way possible. The more I travel the more I realize there are a million different ways to do things and to say one is better than the other is usually wrong. Curious to hear if other savages have found experiences (like traveling) to be the best gift or if tangible gifts are what people prefer?

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In 3rd grade I won a PlayStation off of a lunchable. Kind of a giftย 
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I love traveling, and agree it is one of the best gifts. My favorite one was also from my parents, when I was in college they booked me a 2 week trip to South America. My uncle worked for the US government at the time and was stationed in Argentina, so I started there. I spent two weeks traveling around Argentina and neighboring countries, getting the local tour. Spent some time on a Gaucho ranch as well. Best food I have ever had.

It was both the best gift and my favorite travel experience to date.
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That's awesome. Argentina is on my list of places I want to visit ASAP
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I 100% recommend. The culture is awesome. There are some fantastic farmers markets that are 5+ miles long, great food, and great night life. There are some sketchy areas but itโ€™s pretty obvious which places to avoid. Happy to give you tips if you ever plan a trip!
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Wifey bought me a pellet smoker despite her being laid off. She used her own money that she got from birthday/Christmas. It is by far the most important gift Iโ€™ve ever gotten and I will cherish it for as long as I live.ย 
Well I graduated and my parents gave me permission and money to do my 3th masters degree. What a present!
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My brother in law got me an opinel knife and I use that thing near daily for something. That said, my Dad got me a t-shirt at the student union of the college I would end up going to. He got it while I was touring the field house with the AD staff, and was so excited to give it to me once we got in the car. We didnโ€™t have a ton of extra money to be tossing around, so it was extra special. Of the dozens of shirts I had for atheltics or random events on campus, this is the only one I have nearly 20 years later. It has holes, faded to shit and is 2 sizes too big from stretching out, but I love it dearly. Ok, gonna go cry now.
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