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Doing demo's for non decision makers

When doing a demo for a non decision maker what is the top 3 things you do to help "champion" the person to get you to the decision maker?

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WR Officer
Bean Juice Drinker | Sales Savant
1) Enable them to sell internally. Whether that be through good collateral, a recording of the demo, etc...make sure to arm them with the tools they need to sell when you're not in the room.
2) Understand the path to a decioisn. Who needs to make it, how/when will it be made, does legal or procurement get involved? Get them to give you as much detail as they possibly can so you don't waste time with others.
3) If they are the end-user, the more in love they are with the tool, the more passionate they will be about fighting for you internally. Make them fall in love, then deal with the hard parts after.
Director of Sales
So I'm a Senior level influencer and currently shopping a Sales Readiness platform. I don't make the final decision because I don't make the financial call, but I have to pick one because I run the department and am presenting it to our CEO.ย ย 

My biggest takeaways from this experience that I hope will help you:ย 

1) I know when they value what I'm telling them and aren't hyper focused on getting to my VP or CEO for the next demo. I appreciate that.

2) I can feel it when they are truly engaged with me and sell me on why I should trust their team to help me so we can work together strategically to get the sign off from the C-Suite. If they get the deal and I get the software I want, we both win. Remember that.

3) Please be patient. Influencer levels have other things going on and "special deals" and "closing before the end of quarter will get you better pricing" doesn't work.ย  I'm in sales too... don't bullshit a bullshitter.

4) Remember, even in software, if I don't like you I'm not buying from you because I don't want to have to talk to you all the time. Humans buy from humans.ย 

5) Do the ROI exercise with me, don't make me do homework before our next demo call.ย 

6) Develop the opportunity in between calls! Be available, even for the stupid questions. I don't work in tech and it's already a bit overwhelming when you throw SaaS terms at me like I should know what this means.ย 

7) I hate buzz words. Please stop using them.ย 
Account Executive
We actually have a pre-built champions deck we have them use internally - really drives home the value prop without all the drivel.ย 
Sales Manager
I like to focus on the pains of the person I am demoing and show them how the system will help them. This is a quick way to get them to champion your product to the right people.ย 
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