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How are you managing Parent/Child accounts in your CRM?

For the sake of data cleanliness!

In our business, we have larger company retail accounts who sell through our services and therefore we bill the retailer for the child account's subscription. We want to track all of these customers as their own accounts so we can still manage each customer individually as well as track individual churn/upsell. Can anyone shed any light on the correct setup for a parent/child account situation like this?

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Yup, I cover Fortune #2. Basically the way we do it, is we have one parent record in SFDC and most of the contacts live there. Each child account has their own SFDC record, which is mapped under the parent in the account hierarchy. 

We have found that although it would be more convenient in terms of data aggregation to have all of the contracts under one record, it starts to make renewals and usage tracking confusing like you pointed out above. So, we have all the accounts under one umbrella, but each one has the contract associated at the child level.

Now, for accounts like these, eventually we try to move to just do a single ELA at the parent level, covering all child entities. At that point we centralize all contracts under one ELA at the parent.

We have one sales team (another rep and I), one renewals rep, and one CSM covering all entities under the parent - this helps reduce spread and ensures we all are always on the same page.
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Thanks. So you set up sfdc to see the child account on the parent company and vis-versa? Right now -- I can't see child accounts on a parent company, which is a problem. 
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There is a way to set up a "hierarchy" so you can view the whole tree. It is a separate "click", not sure if there is a way to display natively on the account page. 
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Fortunately i dont have any of those yet :)
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