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Is my startup a sinking ship in disguise?

I have been at my current startup for just under a year. Took a base cut + no shares/options/whatever else people call 'em these days. Was promised as growth came, so would pay increase and shares/options. I was one of the first 50 and 2nd person in sales. Since then, we've grown to close to 90 employees. Achieved a series A round and yet... nothing. Well, outside of 3 new comp plans I guess.

Marketing is a revolving door, 1 in 1 out. We cannot seem to keep anyone on there for more than 2-3 months OR the BDR team for that matter. 2 core components to sales (yes, I am giving marketing some credit)

My main concern is as we the sales team continue to build this out, and achieve more goals; when should I see the writing on the wall that they really don't care about us...(low balling bases and/or raises, no shares/options, etc.) Using us as pawns in their game of chess, and if something happens along the lines of an acquisition, we're all just dust in the wind. Except the executive team.

Am I out of line for feeling this way?

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While interviewing, how do you know if you're joining a rocket ship or sinking boat?
Is this normal for a startup or am I on a stalled ship?
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