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Does anyone leverage Salesforce reports or dashboards?

Hey all,

Out of the box SF does a lot of stuff including running custom reports and leveraging dashboards. Any Salesforce users out there that leverage these? What are your favorite reports to run? What's the most important report you leverage?


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Definitely use reports and dashboards. Leadership has dashboards for us around deals closed, pipe stages, deals without next steps, team quarterly quota attainment, etc.

Reports-wise I use reports that show days since last contacted for both prospects and accounts, customers without certain add-ons, closed/lost deal reports. Let me know if youโ€™re curious about a report for something I didnโ€™t mention.ย 
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Appointments by month. Date of last activity. Forecasts. Opportunities.ย 
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If I was in an SDR role i would want a report on number of calls, connections made, relevant connections made, follow-ups calls scheduled, and sales appointments scheduled.ย 

Number of calls shows me roughly how much effort I'm putting in and gives me a denominator to determine how effective I am.ย 

Connections made tells me roughly how good I am at getting through to people and maybe some insight to my data quality.ย 

Relevant connections means how many times I talked to people that ended up being people I actually wanted to talk to.ย  It also give me some gage on the data quality and feedback to know if I'm calling the right sorts of people.ย 

Follow-up calls scheduled means we agreed that its not the right time to talk but it may be later.ย  It's a way to show work in progress in lieu of actual success. Like "hey boss I didn't actually do anything for you today but I might be able to get you something in a week."ย 

Sales appointments scheduled means I scheduled a demo, sale appointment, webinar etc.ย  Maybe in some contexts you actually made a sale.ย  This is the number of times you actually got what you were after.ย 

With this information I can answer for myself and for my manager:

Am I actually working?

How many calls do I need to make a lead?

Am I getting through to the right people?ย 

Am I any good at this or do I need to change my approach?

If I talk to no relevant contacts and don't get any leads that's a problem.ย  If I talk to 12 relevant contacts and don't get any leads that's a much different problem.ย 

The key with this is you need to configure a call outcome field in saleforce to collect this for each call logged.ย 
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Extremely valuable, the product and sales cycle will influence how robust or simple you need to make them. For insurance with a multi-step process, it's invaluable to track your business through the pipeline.ย 
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The report that got me fired was opportunities > closed won WHERE Account Executive = BLANKย 
Then i tossed my name on them for a year before someone noticed. Closed won deals from the self service portal with no sales rep
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I'm surprised nobody ever found out! how did it come to surface in the end?
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Also for new AE with no territory restrictions itโ€™s always good to build a closed won over the last year and then add a bar graph and just choose different columns to look at. Industry, state, days to close, lead source etc...ย 
find out where deals naturally come from and make sure youโ€™re the first one there when they come in
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