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Getting past the finish line

Morning everyone,

I just got off the phone with a potential customer about moving forward with our services. Our end of quarter is tomorrow and the prospect is OOO tomorrow.

I asked if he had any questions about the contract and if it was a realistic ask to have everything completed by EOD, Friday.

His response was "I'll try" - I have the ability to send him a contract to him SMS and would take 10 seconds to sign.

Any advice to push this across the finish line, b/c I am fresh out of ideas.


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Sucks, but it happens. At least you have one in the bag for next Q.
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I feel you did the right thing, ask!! I would do the "is it ok to get you the document to sign now, i know you are out of the office tomorrow, and this would really help me out as my quarter ends tomorrow" Put it out there, if the relationship is there
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Relationship is certainly there! I like it!ย 
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Worst they say is no i cant, but hell they might!!! Keep me posted, rooting for you
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I would say the key thing there is 'potential.' Nothing is official so if you push them too hard it could ruin what you have going. You asked, now you can send him that contract and see if it works. At that point let Jesus take the wheel.
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<Insert Oprah hands here>ย 
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Hopefully it wasn't committed...get it next week!
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Since you've already done all the legwork and got this to the finish line and it's literally just a signature, I wouldn't be against throwing out a bit of candidness.

"hey I know you're out tomorrow but it is our end of fiscal quarter and getting this signed would be a big deal for me, I'd be in your debt if you found a way to get this executed. That being said if you need more time and can't, no problem but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask. :) Thanks for your time and enjoy the PTO"

I usually always stay away from pushing my timeline or benefits but hey if it's just the signature and you've had a decent relationship with them, he might go the extra mile for you. Can't hurt to ask!

Goodย  Luck!
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Be transparent.ย  If he is REALLY going to buy and you have built decent rapport, lay it out there.ย ย 

"Prospect, I know you're OOO - and I appreciate you reading this.ย  I have to be fully transparent and hope that you can see my perspective.ย  It's not my goal to be overly persistent, but since it's the end of our quarter, my upper management is really pressing me - so I turn to have to make sure I've done everything I can to see if you could take 30-seconds to sign the agreement.

Based on our last conversation, it seemed like everything was ready to go.ย  Did I miss anything?ย  Please let me know, and I sincerely appreciate your help in advance.ย  I'll be always here to return the favor."

It's a buzzer-beater, but it appeals to humanity.ย  If that doesn't get them, you are missing something.ย  There is still something in the way and you need to address it.ย  Hopefully, this is helpful!
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