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Sales Conversation Intelligence Tools

Curious if anyone has any experience using companies like Gong, or other conversation intelligence tools and how it worked. Did you like it as an SDR? Did you like it from a managerial perspective? Did your conversations improve after working with them? Start having incredible sales conversations through science Boost revenue with the #1 Revenue Intelligence platform
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I’m an AE and this tool has changed the trajectory of my career. I use it for:

1. Listening to top performing reps and applying incremental improvements as I hear them
2. Sending call snippets to SEs, managers, etc for deal reviews
3. Review quotes from early stages for later stage β€œhere’s what you said was important to you” reminders
4. Self-review on calls (The worst part)
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This was exactly how I imagined the tool being used. Kind of makes me want to jump in and give it a try.
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As an AE, I use it for the following:

- being able to do follow up using the customers words
- re-listen to what they said to see if there is anything I missed
- being able to focus on the call vs. writing notes
- Great to share with our SA when they are bringing brought in
- Making sure I heard what I think I heard (we as sales people sometimes tell ourselves stories or infer things our customers didn't say but we wanted them to)
- Share with others for coaching and development (what to do or what not to do)
- Track how much I speak vs. the customer
- Sometimes the customer requests the recording as wellΒ 
- If my BDR had the first call, be able to listen and understand what the customer wants
- Making me a better AE

I don't always love it but I find it really handy. My manager doesn't use it much but I know the BDRs and the Comms team managers use it to work on coaching, development, understand gaps and understand why they won/lost deals.Β 
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Nice! Good feedback. Sounds like it’s good not only from a coaching perspective but also follow up and action items. Not sure why but I never thought about it like that.Β 
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