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Sales impact on health

Mental health is a hot topic, but has anyone noticed a decline/change in their physical health?

Sales people tend to be in the office or working more than the average person. Spending longer hours in front of screens, inability to fully "check out" when not working, fairly consistent stress, likely abuse substances of varying degrees, etc.

I'm a pretty healthy person, try to work out a couple times a week before work, and very active on the weekends. But, a recent event made me start thinking....

I get ocular migraines every now and again. Sometimes is 2x a month, sometimes is 1x a year. Imagine you're looking at your screen and slowly you can't make out fine details, words, then full sentences just kind of disappear. Imagine a sun flair, or light flair on top of your screen. I usually can feel it coming and will get into a dark area away from screens and can mitigate the effect. But, sometimes nothing I can do and I'm down for the count for the rest of the day. Not really painful, kind of just a headache, but any LCD or screen will trigger sensitivity.

Waiting for the next one so I can go to my eye doctor and have them check out the nerves. In my research some of the leading causes are stress and caffeine....

Any one else have similar migraines, or other physical health concerns that might be brought on my your career?

How are you managing it?

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I let it take a toll on me and allowed myself to get up to 280lbs (when I was in college 8 years prior to this point I was 175). If you don’t take care of your health you will get tired and sick more, you’ll be less productive and not to mention you’re killing yourself for a company that will replace you within the month. My metrics have gone up since I will work a max of 45 hours a week but I work to be as efficient as possible.
Health always comes first!
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If I didn't read this or If I did my answer is the same. Mental health is key.Β 

If you get a migraine (I have them once in a blue moon) you need to just resist the urge to work and sort yourself out.Β 

I had suffered with anxiety during work (long story cut short) and I found making sure I AM FINE compared to WHAT THEY want is what you need to do.Β 

Also, just telling your boss what's happening really helps. It really helps.Β 

You've made the first step by asking this community on our opinion. Speaking to your boss and corking that bottle that's uncapped is the next step.Β 

Good luck matey.
Currently on week 3 or 4 of having a headache. Like...all day every day. Not painful or impacting me, but it's there just nagging me like a manager who wants me to update my forecast.

Spoken to two doctors, next step is a specialist...yay!

Mental health is priority number 1. I'm actually pretty good at resetting on the weekend and shutting out work (for at least one of the days). Whenever I feel like anxiety is taking a toll, I usually take a day off or figure something out with my manager.Β 

I've been fortunate enough that all my past managers have been very trusting. So when I tell them I have XYZ health issue and need a day or to take a breather they understand.Β 
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I understand this is a public forum where lots of people can see, but have you tried therapy via work?

I have.Β 

I guarantee lots of people on here have.Β 

Sometimes when work is helping you need a little help in hand.Β 

It works a treat man.Β 

Also, you're good. Keep yourself sane and healthy and also know that work isn't the final page in a book.Β 

If you do need a chat I'm happy to share my details with you to have proper convo. benefits the both of us but also everyone else reading this.Β 
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