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Sales Manager or Enterprise AE

I work in SaaS, I'm and I've been offered two roles.

Enterprise role I have a tiny bit of true enterprise experience but realistically this would be my first true enterprise role ie big ticket, 12 month cycles etc. Team seem to hitting number and the top rep last year (outlier) made 500k plus commission alone. Tempting right.... although don't they all sound great on paper.

Sales manager role Alternatively I have an offer managing an SMB or mid market team of 7. It's a chance to get off the treadmill and work developing people which I certainly enjoy. I know it's still a stressful role but I think we can all agree it's "safer" than life as a rep and sales manager roles are very hard to find!!!

I've also read elsewhere that once you are a manager you tend to get pigeon holed and cant go back. Eventually I would like to be VP Sales..... maybe.... however....

I need the advice of some seasoned closers.. ... help!

Thanks in advance !!!

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