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Selling to SMB is fun

Mini EOQ rant - had a prospect tell me they didn’t know if they could purchase this month after getting CEO approval bc the CFO told her to wait until their new CTO negotiates to see if they will still have budget for our product (I sell to the marketing department).

Same company hires the CTO within budget this week but now is saying for cash flow purposes need one sizable deal to come in before they sign.

Who runs these companies and is anyone else dealing with this shit?

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Comes with the SMB territory my man. Going to run into a lot of prospects who string you along, the ones who "need one more deal to close before signing" will always need one more deal before they sign, even if they don't. Fact of the matter is a lot of these companies either don't understand the value of proper marketing investments, or they're too scared of the risk because they can't afford to lose it. Keep them on the back burner just in case, but focus your time and mental energy instead on building a pipeline so large that when the "Broke Bois" fall through, it won't even matter. On to the next.Β 
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Call them out, draw a line in the sand, and go from there.

Account Executive
Yup. β€œIt sounds like something has changed and the problem we’re solving is no longer very important to the business. If it were, I expect we’d be moving forward without any issue. If that’s the case, no worries, I just need to be able to report correctly to my team so I’m not misusing anyone’s time”
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
Don't worry, shit like this happens in Enterprise as well.
SaaS Eater
I've learned from my time in SMB that the CEO, CFO, CTO are often the same person (or like 2 people) and will just send you chasing your tail. Like @sheinekenΒ said, dont prioritize these deals. Set buying expectations really early in the conversation and do everything in your power to one call close these types of accounts, the more time goes by, the more excuses they will come up with not to pull the trigger.Β 
Business Development Manager
SMB can be a complete shit show, but so can Enterprise. They're all their own shit show in their own special little way.Β 
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I've found that SMB buyers are significantly less sophisticated, which makes their requests completely unreasonable sometimes.

On the flip side, some of these people are good to go right away
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