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What Cold Outbound Strategy works for B2B SaaS in Data Integration?

Hi Everyone,

We have been trying to get out Cold Outbound pumping and have tried a number of things, including WBD and Personalization at Scale. We are now trying a breakthrough script.

Any ideas on what works? I see everyone selling a heap of ideas and want to find what is Snake Oil versus not.

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There is no one thing that works. It's all going to depend on your ICP, your product, your industry, etc.ย 

Example 1: There's a thread here where someone asked if cold knocking or cold calling is a better strategy. To me, coming from a background of SaaS sales, I wondered: how is it at all possible to knock on enough doors to make this work?ย 

But it turned out the question asker is selling photocopiers - makes a lot more sense but without that context, it's a nearly nonsensical question.

Example 2: I saw a one of those "cold calling is the best" threads on that-other-place and someone chimed in - he sells exclusively to technical people (CTOs mostly) and he said his buyer personas will NEVER pick up the phone, and when they do, they absolutely will not talk to a salesperson no matter the strategy he tried. He had much better experience with cold calling at other companies, so he was shocked at how poorly his team's cold calls were received by these prospects. He had a lot more success with emails and drip campaigns with these folks.
All of them work. You just have to adapt your strategy to fit the personality of your prospect. Basically echoing what Pitchandputt said. Certain industry personas are more likely to pick up the phone than others. My first role was selling to sales teams. Always on their phones. Moved on to sell to finance teams. Never on their phones.ย 

Don't limit yourself to calling your main target persona. Find a team within the organization that interacts with the one you are targeting and use them as leverage.ย 
Any marketing guys here? What is the best inbound strategy for SaaS companies?
Thoughts on a SaaS org that promotes outbound reps to inbound reps?
Is this promotion path normal?
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