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I just wanna let off steam to people that get it. I'm under a ton of pressure to close some critical customers before year end and my pipeline just self destructed after months of work in the span of a couple days. Essentially, without 5 more key logo deals, there will be serious implications on the company's ability to raise a Series A round.

My first deal unraveled cuz the buyer's father got sick and he needs to take personal leave. I feel horrible for even bothering him about our deal.

The next deal fell through cuz it turns out they use Front instead of Gmail for their email client, which they failed to tell me till like meeting #3. We can't do that integration (and neither can our competitors).

The third deal fell through because my buyer got unexpectedly fired. Literally no clue what happened. One minute he's talking about the next operations meeting where he'll present the business case and Q1 2022 planning, next minute he's posting on LinkedIn he's looking for a job.

4th deal is pushed out till next year cuz the VP just had a baby and there's no one that'll take things on while he's out a couple months.

5th deal is ghosting me. Nothing, nada, zip.

6th deal busted when the guy suddenly left 8 months into a new role for a promotion at a new company that isn't qualified for our product. He did tell me he felt bad about it, so I guess there's that?

And I feel like a total moron explaining this to the exec team, but I've never had 6 deals collapse like this before, just days apart. Anyways, once the panic, pressure, and anxiety subside I'll try to prospect for dear life and hope I can turn this around in the next 20 days or miss my goal completely.

Thanks for attending my panic post ☹️

Ever have the company goal riding on just you?
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