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Prospecting while WFH


So, in case you didn't know there is a pandemic. This means all those tasty prospects are working from home. This means they are not around their normal desk phone, and instead screen calls form mobiles, only respond to emails- or have disappeared into the Ether.

My first week of selling I had 6 cold meetings booked. Then everyone went WFH.

How the hell is anyone successfully outbound prospecting at scale!?

I'm a one man band so do full cycle (New Lead, Discovery, Demo, Close and Manage). This is a new market for the company so data base is limited and I'm sourcing leads, calling them, qualifying and selling all at one.

I'm great at everything else except new leads- but its been a nightmare doing things at scale.

I see A LOT of noise on LinkedIn but I feel like most of it is aimed at selling to sales people (no offense that seems pretty fucking easy!). So I come to you humbly with my hat in hand...

Want a demo?

No- but seriously what are you tips and tricks to getting those eyeballs on screen?

Here is what I try and do:

1) Find company documents with names/direct lines/mobiles- contact that way.

2) Find email somehow, send email and see if OOO or Reply has mobile number

3) Cry

4) Run and attend Events to get people Engaged and follow up with

5) Existential Crisis about why I do this, and wish I had done something more technical or practical

6) Old Deals/Lost deals in CRM

Things I have not done:

1) Bought Data

2) Get a dedicated SDR resource

3) Not just move my tasks in my CRM to the next day to feel better about myself.

Let me know your thoughts below!

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Head of Sales
1. Outsource the contact finding part to someone on Fiverr
2. Get an outreach tool.
3. Automate your email outreach
4. Keep dialing and ask the reception to connect you or direct lines (fortune favours the brave)

Good luck!
Valued Contributor
Business Development Manager
Not considered 1, 2&3 require resource I don't currently have ATM but will look into it, number 4 is a golden nugget I had not through about!Β 

Head of Sales
You're welcome! It's worth the investment, at least to give it a try. You'll find guys on Fiverr who will get you contact details of the people you need for anywhere between $0.15 to $0.50 per lead and a basic email automation tool will set you back around $35 - $60 per month.Β Β 
Chief Revenue Officer
Just scoop up a subscription to seamless or a similar service, $100/month that will surely make itself up in time if your scrubbing contact info from public sources.Β 
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