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SDRs read this: Be more assertive with the C-Suite!!

This is primarily for my SDR homies (Much love)

SDRs that I've worked with in the past, including many members of my old team, are SO reluctant to reach out to C suites out of some goofy fear of being told to go pound salt, get a real job etc.

You may not have this problem, and if not, congrats. However, if you do find yourself being afraid of reaching out to the C-Suite, just remember this: Your job relies on you scheduling meetings with Decision Makers every day. That CEO/CFO/CHRO is not going to give a single fuck if you get fired and get kicked out on the streets because you can't come up with rent; so why should you give a fuck if you're going to "offend" him with a sales call?

Below are some recipes for my personal success with dealing with C-Suites during my time as an SDR.

1.) Be fearless, because they aren't going to come through the phone and beat you up (Unless they somehow can, to which you should be impressed rather than hurt)

2.) Be direct, because these are typically very busy people.

3.) If reaching out via email, as opposed to calling, limit the amount of verbiage in the email, and assume a meeting time (i.e. instead of asking "When would be a good time to connect with my AE?". ask instead "Would next [Available day] at [Available time] work for a meeting with my AE?")

As always, I'm more than happy to help guide any SDRs that may need/want the support

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Good reminder that the C-suite individuals are still people and should be treated as such if you're an SDR!
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Very well penned and discussed. The three tips are perfect ones
Making sure that P2P (people to people) level connect is maintained ๐Ÿ’ฏ
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C-suite individuals put their pants on one leg at a time just like you!
References from C Suite
Breaking into C Suite or VP level positions
for the execs and above C SUITS i need your secrets!!!
When would you actually take a call?!
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