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The entire team just got sacked

I am shocked, to be honest.

We were performing well the last few quarters and we got praises from management.

We do work indirectly for an IT company, so from what we were told, we are not all fired based on performance, and actually, it's just that the contract with the IT company is done and they are looking for alternatives.

Anyway, I feel like I'm fucked.

I am the most recent hire and I won't get any compensation.

I started looking for other jobs but the competition is fierce. no one can guarantee I will have a job before Christmas.

I am trying to think positively, but it's kinda hard right now.

I could use some advice or just a few encouraging words

thanks x

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Your new product is you. Update your resume and treat this job search like you're filling your pipeline. Decide what your "ICP" is by making a list of attributes of a company you would like to work for. Then start applying, sending resumes, making connections, and scheduling interviews.

Don't stop setting up interviews until you've accepted an offer. It'll be tempting to slow down a bit when you've made it through a few rounds at a company you like but it's not over until you sign on the dotted line.

Job hunting sucks, best of luck to you. The War Room is a great place for advice on this and to find encouragement. I know because I used it frequently in my quest.ย 
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Shitty situation @Mjollnirย , but really solid advice here from @SaaSamย 
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Good advice @SaaSam, I would add; do not stop setting up interviews until after you have started with a company. The market is extremely competitive right now and if you are browsing job postings know that 200+ people are likely applying for the same position (that's what I get on open roles). Research companies you WANT to work for, even though they may not have a role listed, reach out them and ask to submit your CV. I have hired for roles that I hadn't posted yet but had budget for because the candidate was too good to let a competitor get. Good luck on your search!
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solid advice, your new job is to find a job, sit yourself down 9-5 every day and put your best effort and everything will fall into place!
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Man thats really unfortunate, and worse that you weren't given any heads up that contracts may not be renewed.ย 

That being said, the job market is about as good as its been for sales people right now. Sure its competitive but companies are hiring good AE's left and right so get your resume updated, lean into your network, and start putting your name out there. Put in the work and you'll have a job before christmas no doubt.ย 
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that's queen coups to u
That's shitty, no doubt about it. I'm surprised you weren't told that there was a possibility that this company wouldn't renew their contract...was there any indication of this in your employment contract?

The good news is that the job market is hot for candidates right now, especially if you're open to working remotely. Make sure your resume/LinkedIn is updated and you get in touch with your previous management to make sure they're available to give you a good reference.ย 

Best of luck!
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I'm sorry this happened.ย  ย It can be a shock.ย  Try not to panic; you didn't cause this, but you are now needing to rally and find something else.

Fortunately, this is a good market, and while you may not have found something immediately, keep grinding away at prospecting for jobs the way you prospect for leads.ย  ย The suggestions given to make sure your resume/LinkedIn are brushed up are very good ones.ย  ย 
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Market is hot - think positive, take some time off, and then put the same effort you did into selling your product into selling yourself!
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don't get down, Market is hot and you weren't fired or not performing so finding a new role should not be that challenging.ย 
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Head down to Dingle, drink your face off, hug the Fungie statue and have a good cry.ย 

Then head back north and go get a new kick ass gig. Youโ€™ve got this @Mjollnirย 
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This definitely sucks, but you will land another role in no time.
That's bad, sorry to hear about it..

Stay positive, focused, market is hot infact.. you will nail it soon!

Check out Bravado Jobs as a supplement source.
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sorry to hear this, and I know it's definitely hard to think positively right now but the only way to go from here is up. Stay on LinkedIn, revamp your resume, and keep your head up. Maybe take this time to learn a new skill.ย 

You're definitely not alone. I lost my job as well and took me about 10 months to find the one I'm at now, but it's the happiest and healthiest I've ever been. Best of luck!
Totally agree with the others. The market is hot right now, so I wouldn't worry about being unemployed for a long time. Just make sure to take the necessary time to find a great new place to continue your career and maybe also take some time off. Remember this is a marathon and not a race ;) Cheers!
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
You are not fucked! Sounds like you have some quota-attaining awesomeness. Looks like you're in Ireland. Citrix, among lots of big Fortune 500 types, has offices in Dublin. I bet you're hired by the end of the month.
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Hammer Bro - Stay strong. There is a huge opp for you since you're already here rubbing shoulders with the greats. Get that CV forged and send it out everywhere. You'll land on your feet. You got this. Worst case scenario - you take a hit to grow.ย 

Stay strong.ย 

Hammer Time.ย 
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Sending good vibes. Sorry this is happening. This week is a new moon, you got this!!
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loving the witchy vibes
tnx @realhousewifeofbravadoย 
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Try the Bravado job board! Also I know peeps hiring. Happy to recommend some if interested.
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3 Things:ย 
1) That is terrible and I am sorry. It's a uniquely bad feeling to get utterly blind-sided like this especially when "mAnAgEmEnt" was praising you.ย 
2) Be Tough and Optimistic - at this moment, this might seem like me asking you to defy gravity. But you've got to do it; The sales profession market has never been hotter and you will find something. That employer is going to be lucky to have you(unlike the last one).ย 
3) Be as vague as possible when interviewing - "The company went belly-up due to lack of finances" leave it at that.ย 

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thank you for this very practical response! โค๏ธ

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Hopefully this helps -

My team were all randomly made redundant two weeks ago. The CEO put a random meeting in with us with no context at the end of the day and told us they were financially insolvent (though they were keeping the tech team to become self-serve).ย 

I had been there for three years in a small start up and went through the ups and downs, hated it at times and loved it at times.ย 

I have made amazing friends working there and with it being my first job out of university I had a lot of loyalty towards the people and company.ย 

The meeting happened and it was a complete shock being made redundant at 26 years old in your first job - the CEO etc didn't go about it well at all which is a shame.ย 

However, two weeks later after treating the time not working as an actual job (which I highly recommend doing) and nearly 30 interviews later, as of last night I have been given an offer for a role which pays way more with much more benefits.ย 

What I am saying is don't dwell on it and get up everyday and show people what you are worth and it will all work out well!ย 

Silver linings and all!ย 
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Stay positive and hang in there! It is a real employee's market out there right now. Literally everyone is hiring and there are not enough people to go around.ย 

Keep your head down, make applying to jobs your new full time job, and you will get it done.ย 
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SaaSam is correct, I was "laid off" in August with severance, 400 applications later I just received a verbal offer, my third. So I am holding my breath. Don't stop until you get it in writing.
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That's unfortunate. Everything you'll be back at it in no time.ย 
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Check out Bravado jobs!
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Are you UK based?
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Hate to say this, so please donโ€™t crucify me, but we work in a volatile industry. I know itโ€™s shitty to lose the squad, but shouldnโ€™t it feel good that you DIDNโ€™T lose your job?
Iโ€™d miss my people, but Iโ€™d still feel genuinely great I wasnโ€™t one of those heads that rolled. Best advice I can offer: donโ€™t focus on the negative.
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Permissionless work X

Find 10 companies.ย 

write GTM strategy for your first 30,60,90 days in role.ย 

Do you have to do comp corrections at the end of every sales month because the reporting and finance team never get it right?
Are comp corrections the demise of your existence?
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