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Time management when starting a new role/hybrid role

In January I moved from an SDR at one company to a hybrid SDR/AE role at another company. Biggest challenge I found was managing my time when I moved. I was trying to learn and execute my new responsibilities related to being an AE, but also maintaining my same level of work and performance as an SDR.

I started blocking out my/calendar and told coworkers not to bother me with stuff during prime calling hours, and I do all my SDR responsibilities then. I also blocked out time to preform more AE responsibilities during off hours, so far it is working but I am probably working 65+ hours a week to maintain my performance.

Anyone have experience transitioning into a hybrid role like this? What did you do to manage your time better?

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I was in a similar dilemma earlier last year. After a bit of a circus I walked up to my manager and told her I’m only going to be able to focus on my AE responsibilities for now since that’s something I’m transitioning into and limit my prospecting enough to get my own deals in.Β 

Another way to make this work is by crushing your quota (I’m assuming revenue) and then get yourself a deal where you’re just an AE and you only prospect for yourself.Β 

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Thanks for your input and experience, I am already at 65% of my target number (I don't have a full quota because of this transition and I am their guinea pig for this role) for the year, but you never know until the ink is dry on the rest of my target.Β 

I am hoping my performance will get me elevated to a role where I have my own SDR to take some of the work off my hands!
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By SDR/AE hybrid, do you mean 360 rep?

I would start by blocking out times for prospecting and then moving your diary around when you start to have DISCO/Demo calls and follow-up calls.Β 

You could have admin type blocks in your calendar and use that for outreach campaigns or AE type deal admin.

Basically, mate, you will need to plan out EVERY minute of your day and, even then, you will still have overflow into your private life.Β 

Hey, everyone used to be like this before the SDR/AE set up
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Thanks for your guidance @Smithy!Β 
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