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Personalization Cadence Specifics 


Really great work the flip the script series has given me tons to think about.

I'm interested in flipping the traditional thinking of having the beginning of a cadence be heavy and the tail end trailing off. I was wondering if folks could provide some more specifics.

How many emails are in weeks 1,2,3, and 4, respectively?


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Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development @ at
Dan DeCoste Great question. My sequence is 16 steps in 21 days and works like this:Day 1 View LinkedIn profile & Source 4 -5 Unique premisesDay 1 Personalized EmailDay 1 Personalized Cold CallDay 2 Personalized Cold CallDay 8 Personalized EmailDay 8 Personalized Cold CallDay 9 Personalized Cold CallDay 13 Personalized EmailDay 13 Personalized Cold ...See more
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4 months ago
Neerav Mehta
CEO at Red Crackle
Which software do you use to create the call task when an email is opened?
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3 months ago
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Hey Dan - we've used the following sequence that has been pretty effective from a marketing perspective: Week 1 - Emails on Day 1, 2, 3,4,7 Week 2- Emails on Day 10,12,14 Week 3 - Emails on Day 17,21 Done. Gotta get folks to pay attention right away, and then the occasional "still here"
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6 months ago
Jason Brausewetter
Managing Director at Gain
If someone emailed me 4 days straight, they would get marked as spam on day 3 and never see my inbox again.  I think this is overkill, especially B2B.  
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5 months ago
Máté Nagy
Director of Sales at RapidSOS
Out of curiosity, instead of tuning the quantity of emails and delivery of emails, could it be the content? Meaning, if your prospect opens your email and spends 10 seconds on it, what are they getting out of it? Your website rocks. First thing I see is “benchmark my numbers” so you guys are already way ahead of a lot of folks! So it hit the link,...See more
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6 months ago
Mor Assouline
VP of Sales at | SaaS Startup Consultant at PracticePanther Law Practice Management Software
Dan DeCoste When you're doing the follow up, do you already have an rapport built up with the leads?
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5 months ago
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