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How well do you care for your mind?

Put intention into what you feed your brain? Protect yourself with the content you consume day in and day out? 🤔

I never paid too much attention to this -- until I realized I'd turned into someone I didn't recognize.

3 years ago - I noticed that I wasn't giving people the benefit of the doubt, quick to irritation, and even anger.

And that wasn't me. I'm optimistic about other people - always - often to a fault.

I worried my divorce a year earlier had left me different...bitter...cold.

Until one day, I was riding the train on my commute home and suddenly, I realized I was furious at someone doing something so minor I don't even remember what it was, that I was.

And I stopped. Shocked at my ire.

And then it dawned on me. I was listening to probably the 15th hour of the week of news + political podcasts.

And so I stopped. I still stay up to date on current events, but I started listening instead to positive nonfiction audiobooks.

Almost overnight, my mood, my brain, and my heart lifted.

There is so much negativity stirring in our world. So much anger. So much vitriol.

Protect yourself, your mind, and your spirit.

Feed yourself with information that lifts you up.

I promise you'll be grateful that you did.

Kasey Jones
CEO at A Better Jones
National Account Manager at Fitness On Demand
very true. I do alot of sales training podcasts. control the input.
10 days ago
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