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Who's hiring RIGHT NOW?!

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Looking for SDRs!

Hi All,

I'm a few weeks away from looking for an SDR to add to my team. Does anyone have some feedback how the market is looking today for great SDR talent?



B2B Sales Hiring Networking
Recruiting for an Enterprise AE role.

$120,000 Base Salary + $120,000 uncapped commission for a $240k OTE.

We will not train you and you should not need training. Must have verifiable experience closing majors logos.

Comment + tag me if you want to be considered.

Let's get someone a job!

Hiring Sales Management
What are your favorite interview questions for hiring a new AE's?

We have always had a small team with a strong in office culture. Our new product has hit some major traction though and I am starting to scale the team. It's weird not getting to meet candidates in person to get a sense of who they really are. Of course we do reference checks but I am looking for any suggestions of interview questions that have worked well, ...

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Hiring Mentorship
Resume & Interview Tips & Tricks from a Pro

Hello UWS achievers!  Delighted to share valuable insights from Miranda Thompson, a seasoned recruiter for New York-based Merlin, to help us improve our resumes and interviews in pursuit of our next career steps (thank you, Miranda!).  Here is her Linkedin profile: I encourage you to connect with her if you’re exploring new opportunities: https://www.linkedi...

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Hiring Sales / Business Development Sales Management
I just got approval to build a fully remote SDR team.

Oooh I've been waiting for this one!

Coming into 2020 this is one of the goals I wrote down.

"Build a remote team"

2020 and the Universe heard this and was like "Hold my beer, I got you"


I had a 100% remote ORG! That was not exactly what I was looking for.

So first, I apologize to everyone for COVID.

I forget how powerful goal setting can be, sometimes the un...

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Career Development Hiring Sales / Business Development
Yesterday was an exciting day and experiment. I announced that I could build 1 fully remote SDR team.

I can hire from anywhere! 8-10 reps and 1 Manager.

Something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

But here is where it gets interesting, and I was waiting to see.

First - I received over 55 (update 65) people reaching out interested in the SDR or SDR manager role.

THIS is why you build a brand as a leader. Access to people.

Second - Here is the breakdown of ...

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Career Development Hiring Networking
2 Sales Director Positions at Outreach.

Two of Outreach's sales director positions are OPEN - One is an Enterprise Sales Director - East (NYC) and the other is a Corporate Sales Director - West (SF or SEA). Reaching out to my East Coast contacts and West Coast contacts for candidates - who do you know? Great company, fantastic people, amazing benefits

Career Development Hiring Networking
Looking to transition from Sales Recruitment to SaaS.

Anybody know how? I have 3 years experience in SaaS and 3 years experience in Recruitment as a Principal Consultant (AE equivalent).