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Share your comp plan?

In +10 years in sales I've only shared my base with two peers and shared my comp plan once with my teammates.

It was the most thrilling and anxiety inducing thing I've done professionally.

Both times I shared my base it opened my eyes to wildly uneven pay between me and my peers for the same quota.

In one case I was $30,000 below.

The other I was $25,000 above.

For the exact same job and quota...

The only time I've ever shared my comp plan made me a folk hero among the team as if I was a rescue diver saving them from a sinking ship.

I never liked the idea of how taboo it is to share those details because the only real winner is the company.

There's no benefit to be had as an employee from being ignorant on pay structure.

Nearly every seller I've spoken to has run into trouble with either quota or comp.

So what's holding us back?

Who's really keeping this taboo?

Because it kinda feels like we are hurting ourselves here.

Sales people are all same tribe.

We've all lived through the highs and lows.We all get the shared misery and delight.

I genuinely believe it's fully on us to own this.

To take charge of understanding how quotas are made.

And to be fluent on comp plan best practices.

Because we are always the collateral damage when it goes wrong.

Do you feel comfortable discussing your salary, comp plan, or quota with teammates and colleagues?
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I've always been open to sharing my pay with my fellow salespeople. We're all on the same team. If you find out it's unequal, you get disdain for the employer, not each other. 

At my last company, there were $25k+ differences in OTE between internal promotions and external hires. My new company gives everyone the same pay, no negotiation. All the pr...
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That's epic and exactly the way it should be!
I meant to vote Yes on the poll!
Trust is the key. No transparency no trust.
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