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The Only SDR & Marketing Alignment Playbook You'll EVER Need

Yesterday was the best & favorite day of my career.

I got the chance to do a webinar with Sales Hacker, Inc. and Scott Barker on the infamous & paralyzing gap between Sales and Marketing… And how to finally close it.

You know at some point, you start getting in your own head, or let me not speak for others... I did.

I started wondering whether the “Personalization at Scale” topic made me a one trick pony & was nervous that no-one would show up for an age-old played out topic like Marketing and Sales alignment.

Can’t thank everybody in this community for proving me wrong.

If you’d like the deck from yesterday’s session, just type “Slides” & I’ll shoot it over.

Big thank you to the team with tireless work ethic who made it happen: Shawn Parrotte Sara Howshar Kseniya Norkina Matt De Palm & Sophie Bussell Cheng

And not to be a kiss a$$ or “blow wind up your dress” Natalie Severino, but thank you for being the kind of leader that makes it exciting to metaphorically walk into work everyday.

Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
Wes Carlyon
Account Executive at Klipspringer Ltd
Slides please Becc

Ryan Schulz
Growth Marketer at RevFocused
Hi Becc - I would like the slides, please. My email is if you need it.
Jean-François De Mol
Sr Director Inside Sales EMEA at BCD Travel
Followed the recording, well done.  Thanks for the "slides"
Alex Nigmatulin
Slides please to
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