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Why Your Sales Team Needs More Women

Traditionally, there have been much higher numbers of men working in sales than of women. As more and more women begin taking on sales positions, however, organizations are discovering the advantages of having females on their sales team.

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., a sales management expert, followed a group of salespeople over eight years and found there are 58.8% more “WonderSalesWomen” than “SuperSalesMen.” Throughout the study, female sales associates outperformed male top performers by 73.9%. 

Another study found women are 5% more likely to close a deal than men, while there’s also research that shows gender-diversity in sales teams can result in as much as 15x higher average sales revenue, as well as more market shares and higher profitability.

Adding more women to your sales team promotes diversity, which can help you increase revenue by:


Adding more women to your sales team is one of the best ways to tap into the power of a diverse workforce. Here’s why:

Emotional intelligence

Women tend to have higher emotional intelligence (EQ) and be more communicative. They’re better at building rapport, digging deeper to understand customers’ needs, and using empathy to show that they care about customers’ interests.


Women are better at creating emotional connections through storytelling — an increasingly important skill in sales and marketing.


Women tend to be better at multitasking, which helps them manage the many people, and moving parts, involved in today’s complex sales processes.


Women possess deeper intuition and “gut instincts”, which makes them better at reading and dealing with a variety of people.

Conflict resolution

Women are better at conflict resolution, and are more caring and nurturing in their interactions with others, making them more effective sales leaders and managers.


Women handle stressful situations better than men. They are often more resilient and can take rejection less personally.


Women tend to be more detail-oriented and can remember information (e.g., a customer’s name, preferences, and personal tidbits) that will help build relationships.


Women have a neurological structure that enables them to be excellent communicators, which is a key trait of successful salespeople. The female brain has more connections between the two hemispheres and 10% more brain cells than males in the area responsible for perceiving and processing language.

Heschl’s gyrus

Women are better at listening to prospects’ and customers’ needs thanks to the more voluminous Heschl’s gyrus in the brain. With 74% of customers indicating they’re more likely to buy if they feel that they’re being listened to, women have a better chance of building strong relationships with customers and earning their trust.

Emotions & memory

Women have 10% more neurons devoted to emotions and memory. In particular, “mirror neurons” make them better at observing others’ emotions and picking up on prospects’ feelings to deliver the right reassurance at the right time and overcome objections.

A more diverse sales team is also more likely to reflect the composition of your customers’ organizations, allowing your team to better connect with the various stakeholders involved in the complex decision-making process.


Adding more women to your sales team allows you to build rapport, cultivate trust, and foster relationships with your prospects and customers more effectively — which are key to generating more sales and profits in today’s customer-centric economy. 

Organizations need to attract more female sales professionals by implementing an inclusive recruitment process, offering benefits packages that address diverse needs, and enforcing company policies that promote diversity and inclusion.

October 21, 2019

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