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8️⃣ life lessons I learned from sales..

1️⃣ I've yet to find a person bored of talking about their own affairs and have yet to find a person eagerly interested in my own.

2️⃣ Nearly everything in life is a funnel. From birth to death, health to sickness, childhood to adolescence. Once you see the stages you can at least be measured in your approach.

3️⃣ I don't control much of anything around me. Yet if I just focus on myself, I can still accomplish a lot.

4️⃣ (dis) qualifying is a super power. Because the one thing I'll never get back is my time.

5️⃣ Everything has an opportunity cost. The better I understand what a decision costs me in terms of the alternatives I passed up, the better I am at avoiding harm.

6️⃣ Change is an unstoppable force. Deal with it.

7️⃣ I'd like to think I'm logical. I'd also like to think others are logical. I'd also like to eat cookie cake all day without consequences. Too bad that's not how it works.

8️⃣ It only takes a little bit of success to make a lot of failure worthwhile.

Just some reflections with so many facing adversity, whether it be health, professional, or financial related. What would you add?

We place great value on problem solving. Those who act quickly to identify and implement solutions are held in high esteem. Yet most have never considered... Every problem you encounter was created by YOU. Every obstacle in your path was placed there by YOU. All the resistance you feel is generated by YOU.  What if instead of solving problems, you ... See more
That's where the saying "Get out of your own way" comes from!
This resonates, thanks for sharing. I'd add: Another person's success does not take away from my own.
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