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'Are you here with someone?

This simple question can still crush me & make me feel so small.

Yesterday morning, my wife pushed me to get out of the house for a bit.

Been working way too much lately.

So I decided to do some fishing off the docks of the marina we live by.

We just got a membership so that we could store our kayaks.

I had visions of a quiet little morning, audiobook on, sipping coffee, probably not catching anything, but who cares.

But that was shattered almost as soon as it started.

A woman approached me and asked.

'Excuse me, but are you here with someone?'

Clearly implying that I wasn't supposed to be 'there'

How could I be?

I don't fit the stereotype of a 'marina club' member.

I must have been trespassing right?

A pure menace, you know me.

But there I was having to 'defend' why I was indeed 'allowed' to be there.

She was surprised but could tell also still doubting me.

I felt so small.

I felt embarrassed.

I was the only.


It sucks.

I shouldn't have to feel that way.

I'm tired of it.

I'm sharing this story, not for your sympathy, don't need or want it, I'm a big boy.

But because there are others 'onlys' that are dealing with this too.

Keep on fighting

Keep on rising.

You are not small.

You do belong.

this is terrible :(.  thanks for sharing your experience KD!
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