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I Didn't Tell Her

When she was 5 years old and a stranger we met in passing commented on her beauty and asked what she wanted be when she grew up, she replied- without hesitation: A Doctor!

I didn't tell her that on average male doctors income is 36% higher than their female counterparts.

I didn't tell her that, in addition, Black female doctors make 50% less than their White male counterparts.

Instead I told her this:

You are powerful.

You are a threat to the stronghold of sameness on this society

You will win because you are made of the same stuff that drove Rosa not to be unseated and compelled Dr. King to dream and do

The Impossible.

And now, she has.

This child of teen parents who were the children of teen parents is graduating Valedictorian of her class today.

She is on a path from which she refuses to be diverted.

She is resolute.

She is Black Excellence




I can't take credit for the hard work that brought her here

I can revel in what I didn't tell her

And in what she did with what she told herself.

Nikki Ivey
Social Marketer and Business Development Nerd at Remote
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