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Introduce yourself to fellow sales pros.

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Get Started with Bravado Warm Intros

Warm Intros is officially here! Sahil takes you through the steps to completing a Warm Intro on Bravado in our latest video. Link up your clients with the best solutions to their business challenges, and create additional income in your network!

Networking Sales Management
An Introduction

Happy Friday everyone! Stoked to be a part of the Bravado community and to provide insight where I can as well as have an opportunity to learn from all of you! 

My name is Logan Pardini and I’m currently based out of San Diego, California. 

Like others on here, I did not expect to get into sales by any means. I was a shy and timid kid, and an introvert by natu...

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Cold Outreach Networking Prospecting Sales / Business Development
Prospecting + copywriting = more meetings!
Yet, how many sales reps are actually taught how to write compelling copy?

None that I am aware of.

Usually, you figure it out on your own.

How are you improving your copywriting skills?
Networking Sales Training
Networking Question

What's the best approach to get into sales?

Networking Sales Stories
What is Your Greatest Obstacles In Sales?

I have been in the sales industry for last 3 years now. And I have experienced there are many obstacles but main is when it comes to break the ice in the initial phase. I wanted to know what is yours?

Cold Outreach Networking Sales Stories
How do you introduce yourself to someone new?

If you want a proper intro you usually explain a few specific and personal details to the receiving ear.

When you’re being introduced by someone else you usually feed them some good info that gives insight on meaningful information about yourself.

So why do you call a new prospect and say, “I'm with ABC company, we sell this one widget better than anyone else,...

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Diversity & Inclusion Networking
Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat...

Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat with another brilliant #womensalespro over morning coffee.

Thank you Lori Richardson for connecting with me this morning!

But that leaves me to ask you a question we discussed this morning - if the goal is to have more diversity in sales leadership by 2030...what will be the biggest obstacle?

What do YOU think?

My answ...

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Diversity & Inclusion Networking
I am NEW!

Hey everyone! I am a new member of the Bravado Team - I'm Clara, a French student in Management Export Zones. Surprised? Indeed, after a first experience in sales as SDR & BDR in a Swedish company providind Lead Generation Software, I've found my vocation for sure! Since then I am improving my skills on a personal viewpoint to get ready for the next adventur...

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Career Development Hiring Networking
2 Sales Director Positions at Outreach.

Two of Outreach's sales director positions are OPEN - One is an Enterprise Sales Director - East (NYC) and the other is a Corporate Sales Director - West (SF or SEA). Reaching out to my East Coast contacts and West Coast contacts for candidates - who do you know? Great company, fantastic people, amazing benefits

Career Development Networking
Women Sales Pros is again sponsoring a seat for a woman in an early sales leader role!

Women Sales Pros is again sponsoring a seat for a woman in an early sales leader role (or aspiring leader) - to make it easy, just share a name of someone you'd like to nominate OR post your own name and we will follow up with you to 1) complete a short survey and 2) complete a 2 minute or less video as to why we should choose you. This is a HUGE opportunity...

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