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The only kick-ass guide to sales ops you'll ever need.

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Looking for advice - handling nurture & maintenance accounts?

Hey all - wondering what other organizations are doing with the leads that get kicked to the SDR team and have no traction after finishing out their initial cadence.

🌵 Sometimes, it seems like it's all quiet on the prospecting front.

*Note - these aren't target accounts, mostly reservoir lists that get delivered to the sales dev team by marketing (aka me haha...

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The newest version of the 21 Core Sales Competencies.

I read a lot on LinkedIn about sales and sales manager hiring mistakes. For many years I avoided the "hiring" part of helping companies fix their sales - imagine that - I stuck to the sales training aspect. But sales is an ecosystem - everything affects everything. I now know how crucial - critical - it is to have hired reps who are coachable and not sabotag...

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I have two big problems with BANT for leads. First, it should be called AuNTB. The second issue is how it's implemented for SDRs.

Read more about how to track and manage leads in the sales process. https://lnkd.in/dUMU7sc

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New "Conversations with Women in Sales" podcast episode dropped!

Listen to Tamara Schenk talk about what sales enablement is, what it's like to be the only woman in many boardrooms, and why sales enablement is a great discipline to focus on. Find it all the other 70 interviews here: https://womensalespros.com/podcast/

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Maternity / Paternity Leave (for Sales Roles) Questions

Does your (or any other) company guarantee variable or a certain percentage of variable compensation during the months taken for maternity / paternity leave? Is there a less-steep ramp up when a sales rep returns from maternity / paternity leave? Any info on how your company handles this for those expected to hit a sales quota? What is the most progressive c...

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Sales stand-up meetings!

I'm interested to learn : How does your sales stand-up meeting format looks like? What questions do you address with your team?

Sales Operations Sales Stories
Besides ZOOM what online event platforms have you been on for a summit-or sales team event and liked?

There seem to be so many and its hard to find one that is strong in ease of use but also great for networking. Am currently viewing Remo.co - what do you recommend? Hopin, HeySummit, Accelevents, Bizzabo - what ones have you participated in?

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How often are you auditing your CRM?

I just went into my CRM to do some cleaning and found a bunch of untouched accounts, overdue tasks, and unfinished campaigns (from previous and current reps).

I feel like we have waaaaay too many accounts in our CRM, and it's not possible for my team to be on top of each and every lead they get assigned.

How are you auditing which accounts should be taken by t...

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