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Sales reps are incentivized to lie. 😢

Be honest with yourself. Our entire industry is set up for sales professionals to make impossible moral choices.

Scenario: You spend months chasing a MASSIVE client. Get them in the room, do a deep discovery, realize they should obviously buy a competitor's product because yours is weaker in key areas.


A. Screw Yourself - Tell the CMO "Honestly, our product isn't better for your use case. If I were you, I'd buy a competitor instead."

B. Screw Them - "We've got a bunch of clients with this EXACT problem and have made them successful, let me show you how..."


Scenario A = better for client. But you make $0 commission for your family and it hurts your career.

Scenario B = you get paid a lot of money and become the 🐐 of the office. But it screws the customer.


Why hasn't anyone solved this?

Should we focus on this at Bravado?




Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
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