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#generalWhen did you know sales was the career for you? - #SecretToSales
Everyone’s first experience in sales usually happens during childhood at a time when we do not realize we are practicing sales. For some of us, this is the seed that later blooms into a deep love for sales.
This week, Topher is reporting on the origin stories of top sales professionals. John Barrows describes his experience selling painted pumpkins in the schoolyard, Michael Tuso ran for student body president, and Dan Gottlieb canvassed his neighborhood to sell his snow plowing services.

What was your first experience in sales?

When did you fall in love with sales?
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Lol, i was driving meth heads around in my  hispanic taxi cab where i spoke no spanish and i was like "i always knew i was gonna be rich, i don't know how but..." turns out even if the internet says you don't need a driver's license to travel in your private automobile, the State will still kidnap you and hold you for ransom. Went to jail, met a bu...See more
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