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I don’t know what it’s like to fire a salesperson.

Because, every time I was told “at the end of the month, let them go” I didn’t.

Instead, I took them out to lunch and had a heart to heart.

Then helped them recognize why they will be let go at the end of the month per the company’s standards and their commitment.

Call me crazy, but dragging someone along and pretending that some how they were gonna be okay...

...seemed very disrespectful to me.

My Dad did the same thing.

When things weren’t working out he would tell someone that for the next two weeks they could try to overcome their low numbers, or they could spend those two weeks looking for a new job and he would still pay them.

I always saw amicable splits in his business.

I always heard people speak highly about their experience in parting ways with him.

He was a man of integrity.

And I believe that people deserve a chance to maintain their own normalcy.

It doesn’t matter if they take advantage of you during this act of kindness.

That’s the problem with the world.

We do everything for ourselves.

We never think about others.

If a sales rep isn’t working out, tell them the truth!

Have a real raw honest conversation around why and give them a growth opportunity.

Stop. Firing. Them.

Dale, you and your father demonstrated leadership.  Bravo!

Those that just fire? 

Well, the failure lies with them, not the underperforming sales rep. 
I totally agree with that last statement. Cheers, Michael!
Most companies fail because of their decisions, not the business environment.
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