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SLACK was down/jacked up all day yesterday..

It. Was. Glorious.

Because eventually you just throw in the towel and do a little something called...


I stopped interrupting people.

They stopped interrupting me.

No half baked convo's or 'non urgent but top of mind requests'

It was so nice.

I'm already pretty good at staying out of slack, and checking it/responding at certain times.

But even I was shocked at how many times I went to slack something that probably could have waited.

I recently read in a book one of the best descriptions of Slack and all the other 'real time collaboration' tools.

They called slack 'asyncronish. '

It's not really real-time - you sometimes have to wait for an answer indefinitely.

Also not asynchnornous because no immediate response is expected.

It can turn into all-day meetings, every day, with no set agenda.

It often turns into day-long half held conversations.

I think everyone should set up time to NOT be in slack, to just work on what you need to work on.

Save the slack for later.

In a way using slack is just another way of slacking... damn. Clever.

Stop Slacking, Start Working.

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