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Key strategies to Seal The Deal.

B2B Sales Closing Sales Strategy
For deals > $100K, how do you manage, map all the moving parts?

Hey, looking for insights from practitioners, if you use a tool that track all the moving parts of a large deal?

CRM aside, I was thinking of something that's a shared as a go between The prospect, sales and engineers.

The advantages I hope to realize:

  • Get deeper into the use-cases
  • Move away from feature requests
  • Uncover stakeholders
  • Clearly demonstrate how ...
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B2B Sales Closing Networking
Get Started with Bravado Warm Intros

Warm Intros is officially here! Sahil takes you through the steps to completing a Warm Intro on Bravado in our latest video. Link up your clients with the best solutions to their business challenges, and create additional income in your network!

B2B Sales Closing Sales Operations
Why do Salespeople lose deals?

Hi, I am trying to do a survey for finding the reasons of why salespeople lose deals, will appreciate if you can take 5 mins of your time to fill this, in return, I am happy to share the summary report of the survey results.


Closing Cold Outreach Prospecting Sales Operations Sales Strategy
What are some good sales engagement tools?

Hi All - I've done quite a bit of research on what sales engagement tools are out in the market. Besides the big players like Outreach and SalesLoft, are there any software platforms good for single users? Hoping to automate some processes and understand what's working and what's not. Email tracking, sequences, templates, call recordings for example.


Let me ...

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Closing Cold Outreach Prospecting
Help me avoid things I hate!

Most companies pitch their product on some hope that you'll be interested in how they can save you time and money.

It's boring, generic, and easy to ignore.

We're not motivated by the promise of gain.

We're motivated by the fear of loss.

So when you show me a better way of doing something I hate, I come to the realization that I'm wasting my time when I don't ne...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales / Business Development
If you sell to anyone that has to "get approval"...

Then you need to change up your process big time.

Here we go!

1. Confirm the person you're selling to wants the product and believes it will solve a problem for their business.

2. Know why they want it and what problem THEY believe it will solve.

Once you have those 2 things, the rest of the process becomes easier because everything you're doing is to help THEM ...

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Closing Sales Stories
Woke up to the best note this AM.

Best part is… We’ve never met. We’ve never talked it through or brainstormed together.

Which means that Andrew Vozniak, your 3x pipeline is because of YOUR talent alone -

Congrats on the whale & thanks for making today a meaningful one for me :)

B2B Sales Closing Sales Stories
“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

Ever had the *I’ll cut your costs so low your head will spin* salesman put in a bid and beat you?

Quick story:

I️ courted a customer for quite some time.

They gave me a date they would be buying.

I️ followed my process, did my research, built rapport, then the day finally came.

We meet and I️ did m...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales Training
Why aren't there more guarantees in B2B SaaS contracts?

I actually get a chuckle out of this when I think about it.

Begin Scene --

Sales Rep: This product is groundbreaking, innovative, and disruptive.

It has helped X, Y, Z companies see a 200% increase in EVERYTHING!

Buyer: Can you guarantee it will work for me?

Sales Rep: Well see every business is different...

Buyer: But you said it would work for me..

Sales Rep:...

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