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Proven strategies and initiatives to plan your quarter.

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Start defining yourself

I was fortunate to start my sales career right before college.  I actually jumped into sales out of necessity, rather than desire.   I grew up timid and struggled in just about every social interaction.  Oddly enough, I associated financial success with communication skills and that led me on my path.

My first sales career was selling Kirby vacuums door to do...

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I have two big problems with BANT for leads. First, it should be called AuNTB. The second issue is how it's implemented for SDRs.

Read more about how to track and manage leads in the sales process. https://lnkd.in/dUMU7sc

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Want to know something I've never lost a deal over?

Like not once?

Or ever seen/been able to point to a rep lose a deal or call over?

Filler words.

It bothers me to my absolute core when I hear leaders or managers talking about this.

"You say, like, um, cool, awesome, too much. "

It is lazy management.

Point Blank.

It distracts from the real issues at hand.

Do you know what I have lost deals or calls over?

The wrong t...

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B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Strategy
Most studies show we are 2x more loss aversion motivated than gain motivated.

So here is a random thought I had.

What if... (my managers love it when I start off a sentence like this)

What if instead of paying commissions at the end of the month, like normal, dangle the carrot (which by the way doesn't really drive as much behavior as we think)

You were paid 100% commission on the 1st of the quarter.


On the 31st of each month/quarter...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Strategy
Whenever there is a project I really want to complete...

Whenever there is a project I really want to complete, but day after day, I just keep putting it off...I know there is only one reason why.

It means I haven't broken it down into small enough pieces

It's still too unwieldy, too hard to wrap my brain around.

As soon as I decide what are the first 3 simple, easy steps, getting started becomes easy.

Building moment...

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Networking Sales Strategy Sales Training
The problem with 90% of sales funnels is that they’re old, rusted and leaking.

They’re one track minded as well. Focused on instant gratification to appease the overbearing quota you deal with on the daily.

So how do we fix it?

I believe there are a few ways to do it.

The first is the breathe LIFE into your pipeline and recognize that it is an ecosystem, not a funnel.

We do this by understanding that time is the currency of sales.

And atten...

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Daily Success Checklist for Sales

1. Practice Gratitude every morning - 3 things, at least 2 of them new every time.

2. Have call list READY - No bigger impact to the day then having the list of people you're calling/demo'ing and why written out (yes I mean written, not just in SFDC tasks)

3. Work in bursts - Call 10. Take a break. Run a demo. Take a break. But stay focused on ONE task at a ti...

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Episode 1 of 'unsubscribe' is here!

Ladies and Gentlesavages! It is with great excitement we drop episode 1 of 'unsubscribe.' This is what happens when you combine your boi (me) and the ballers at Bravado. You get a show for salespeople, by salespeople. And while our baby might be cone-headed and ugly now, just wait till it grows up... it's gonna be heinous. The face only a mother could love.....

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