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Using the number of emails or calls a seller does to judge whether they're "working hard" or "have the right attitude" is obsolete.

This kind of dashboard #management stopped working when #sales people can now send +1,000 emails a day effortlessly from widespread sales enablement tools.

In order to build a world class sales team in today's environment, leaders need to obsess over:

  • Aligning all sales activity to the Buyer's Journey, making sure prospects can progress with the least amount of friction from Unaware to Decision
  • Measuring meaningful metrics like email/call sentiment, TAM vs ICP pipeline, disqualification rate, and pipeline velocity
  • Implementing productivity sprints because science has proven the human mind can only concentrate for 2 hours at a time before needing a break
  • Chunking the sales process and training on each part incrementally and with personalized feedback
  • Codifying career growth down to a checklist to put the onus on sales people for their promotions and removing manager biases [example featured on my profile]

If you do these 5 things in your sales team, you're building world class sales structure.

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