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"You don't have much to worry about, you're in sales."

LOL. Okay.

People's perception that somehow sales is easy peasy, really butters my roll.

I've been emotionally tormented, verbally beaten, physically pushed to my late night limits, all for the glory of sales.

Here's a Copier Warrior story:

When I first cold called what would be one of the biggest wins in my career, they had just re-signed with Ricoh for 5 years.

I proceeded to do what I did best, spend 5 years courting them.

Servant leader, activated.

I stopped by about every 60-90 days.

I would either email, call, take to lunch, drop off marketing, send personalized touches, you name it.

For 5 years.

That's a long time. A lot of emotions go into that amount of time to win the largest deal you have ever won.

I could write a book about this account!

The day I got the email stating we had been awarded the bid, I was with my support staff, we both jumped out of our cars in the middle of an intersection and ran up to each other hugging and yelling.

I got back in the car and literally cried tears of joy.

What a great feeling, the payoff for so much hard work.

Sales isn't easy, folks. Sales is a personal sacrifice to attain ultimate success through service to others.

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