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Close your eyes and picture a "Sales Person" - maybe ask a child/ friend to describe what they see.

Do you know what salespeople look like today? What their experience is like?

That's why we ran the State of Sales Survey earlier this year. The report is FINALLY READY.

We have and are about to release data on:

-Demographic profiles of sales professionals in 2020

-Incidence/Rates of discrimination and harassment

-Data around major racial, gender, and sexual orientation groups experience

- HUNDREDS OF Stories - Good, bad, inspiring, and tragic.

To get the results next week, sign up here:

Also a HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors VanillaSoft (Darryl PraillSalesLoft (Alyda Merritt ) and Bravado (Sahil Mansuri ) for your support throughout this process and of these important discussions!

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