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Are you ready for this? Announcing Mentorship Master Classes!

Hello, friends! 


Hope everyone enjoyed Chapter 1 of the Bravado Programme this week! We are over the moon to announce more exciting content - the Bravado Mentorship Master Classes! 

These are live webinars offered exclusively to Bravado Mentorship members (both mentors + mentees!) by the leading sales organizations across the country. Note: These are not paid sponsorships; rather, these organizations have volunteered their time and expertise in order to further the profession of sales. And for that, we thank them!


The message of mentorship is universal, and many, many people want to help make YOUR mentorship experience the best it can be. Throughout the 6-month program, each partner will host a live webinar to showcase insights to sales-related topics - for FREE. This is a unique opportunity to get training from some of the premier brands in sales who are absolutely changing the game. Read more about our partners in the PDF attached!


We are so excited to have #GirlsClub host our very first master class on December 5th at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST. Mark your calendar and stay tuned on how to join the webinar or catch up with the recorded video. 


(Burning questions to ask our partners? Topics you’re interested in learning? Leave them in the comments below!)


Tune in, power up, and elevate the profession of sales. See you in a master class! 



Bravado Mentorship

Posted 8 days ago by
Ashley SoongSDR at Mixpanel
Excited for this! Would love to learn some personalization tips, pattern interrupts to common objections (too expensive, i'm busy, i have a meeting, i don't need this, i'm not the right person when in fact they are, etc.), using data to prioritize accounts, contacts and streamlining workflow, social selling, mindfulness in sales. 
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8 days ago

Wang Cheng Ieong
Excited, thanks in advance!
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7 days ago

Justin I. Yoon
Excited for this! Will we have a meetup in the future? Just wondering.
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6 days ago

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5 days ago

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3 days ago

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2 days ago

Calli van OortRegional Account Manager at FedEx Office
I think this wonderful way to learn and give back for all of the people that have invested in me.  I can’t wait. 
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2 days ago

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about 15 hours ago

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