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How to set up outbound SDR compensation?

This question is from the community:

Hope you are doing well! I've watched your presentation earlier this week and have a question regarding one of your slides regarding the outbound system compensation. What does it mean the numbers on the top row of that table? (0-50, 50-200, 200+)

Also, how this is defined/measured?

Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Ankurman Shrestha
Enterprise Account Executive at Vaadin
9 months ago
Allison Andrade
Director of Sales at Betts Recruiting
Thanks for sharing out guide, Ankurman! Happy to answer any specific questions for anyone around the #s. Fun fact, the idea for this guide came after I met with many Hiring Managers, CEOs and VCs who wanted more granular market data to normalize the comp structure. 
8 months ago
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