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How do you introduce yourself to someone new?

If you want a proper intro you usually explain a few specific and personal details to the receiving ear.

When you’re being introduced by someone else you usually feed them some good info that gives insight on meaningful information about yourself.

So why do you call a new prospect and say, “I'm with ABC company, we sell this one widget better than anyone else, blablabla, can I have 30 minutes on Friday this week, I'll send you a calendar invite.”


Why do we treat people so differently when we want them to do business with us?

Because we don’t get it, that’s why.

Start swimming against the grain of “this is how to properly conduct business” and start realizing that the people you're talking to have a house or an apartment, mortgage or rent, Hulu or Netflix, a family or a wild bachelor/bachelorette night life, a cat or a dog or a really unhealthy mix of both which makes for some weird stories.

They are PEOPLE just like you and I.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?

I personally like to make a good first impression.

As The Copier Warrior, the image in the comments was my tool(s) for doing that. Notice the hand-written note and no traditional business card.

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