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84% of us have witnessed or experienced discrimination or harassment. WE CAN AND MUST DO BETTER.

Over 500 sales professionals took the survey not only to tell us who THEY are but what their DEI experience has been like.

CHANGE HAPPENS THROUGH TOUGH CONVERSATIONS - we hope this survey starts a lot of those so we as a profession can better enable ALL sales professionals to thrive.

I'll be sharing a statistic a day for the next 7 days - but you can get everything I'll share and MORE if you download the report.

Huge thank you to Kasey JonesThe Other Side of Sales team and our sponsors VanillaSoftBravado, and SalesLoft for supporting this research!!

Want more detail? Ask about purchasing the full survey analysis and interpretation - a twenty-page document with all the detail you could ask for around methodology, demographic breakdowns, and even MORE data on the incidence of discrimination and harassment in sales.

This is just the first step.

Join us on the Journey?

Public Report -

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