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Feeling stuck/stumped?

I want you to think about the thing in your life that is stressing you out the most today. Got it?

Now ask yourself - are you stressing because you might fail? or because there is an element that is out of your control?

If it's the former - try telling yourself "Yes. I might fail. I might suck. Everything may go wrong... and that's okay." As much as I remind others that failure can be GOOD - it's something I have to consistently remind myself.

If it's the later - ask yourself "What is in my control that can set me up for success or prepare for a negative?". Try to keep your focus on what you can influence. It's a consistent effort but keeps you from freezing up.

Feeling stuck/stumped? Reach out. You're not alone.

And to borrow from Rachel Mae  #ImRootingForYou!!

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